Best African Cultural Wear including the Toghu Print

African cultural outfits are usually a thing of beauty. Certainly, they serve as inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts because they usually consist of intricate designs, patterns, and unique craftsmanship. Moreover, western clothing has become boring with typical gowns, skirts, tops, pants, shirts or suits. Therefore, traditional African cultural outfits serve high doses of complexity, distinctiveness, and flare.

Contemporary African Cultural Outfits

Like any clothing item, African cultural outfits today take on many forms. In fact, the beauty with modern African cultural outfits is the creativity that brings in the contemporary touch and panache. On that note, we take you on a journey to the Northwest of Cameroon. The North West of Cameroon is the land of the toghu. Remarkably, the toghu is being revolutionized by designers who every day find new ways of reinventing it.

What is the Toghu?

The traditional toghu is a plain black fabric with red, white, orange, green and yellow woollen thread stitched atop in unique and intricate patterns. Patterns usually include the traditional gong, flowers as well as other cultural symbols. The final product is a rich complexity of patterns and an array of colors for a unique and tantalizing finish. The toghu is one of a kind in Africa.

A modern take on the Toghu

Our couple in this feature opted for plain indigo instead of black for a very unique take on the toghu. Using a modern dashiki style for the groom and a peplum off-shoulder blouse and mermaid skirt for the bride, the couple looks traditional yet modern. The bride also masterfully coifed her hair in a traditional natural updo to complement their traditional toghu outfit. Simple, unique and elegant, this take on the toghu is perfection!

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Best African Cultural Wear including the Toghu Print

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Best African Cultural Wear including the Toghu Print

Best African Traditional Wear including the Toghu Print

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