Cameroon National Day Syndy Emade

The Cameroon Film Industry leading actor Syndy Emade celebrated Cameroon National Day on May 20th in one of her best looks till date.

Emade is always at the forefront of pushing the Cameroon entertainment industry forward. From film to fashion, the incredible actress always brings her A-game to her fans. And what has this done to her profile? Like hello!! As if she needs any more introduction.

Syndy Emade Celebrates Cameroon National Day in Stunning Photos

The actress served a 1960’s look with a modern twist on Cameroon National Day May 20th. She wore a straight on full-face beauty editorial look that challenges makeup artist to up their makeup game. Not just that, she also wore a showstopper evening gown with a deep neckline with fringe sleeves. What an impactful look. Classy, rebellious, exciting and jaw-droppingly gorgeous look. We love how the dress compliments her skin tone the intensity on the lips and her glowing skin. And incredible beautiful up-do hairstyle and makeup with the right sort of fresh. There are soo many elements to this look we love it will be hard to say what stands out the most.

Cameroon National Day Syndy Emade
Cameroon National Day

Without a doubt, this actress knows what it means to stay creative and continuously push the boundaries. In general, we think this look is cinematic, high fashion, and in our opinion, one of her most thoughtful and and with a doubt best-executed fashion projects.


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