How To Pull-Off Velvet in the Cold Seasons And Wear It Right! Let’s Take Note From These Stylish Influencers

How to style a Velvet Blazer, skirt and dress

The velvet blazer and the velvet fabric, in general, are a staple during the cold season. Rightfully so, because of its warmth and thickness. That said, velvet is also a rather “daring” fabric as you run the risk of looking, frumpy, dated and boxy if not styled right. It, therefore, takes a lot of confidence, style, and know-how to pull off a velvet look. This style guide is meant to help and inspire you as you dare to rock velvet this season.

The Different Colors

Velvet comes in different colors. However, our favorites are the classic red, black and blue. Don’t be shy to try other colors such as green (especially this Christmas season) or even brown, purple or pink! For first-time velvet wearers though, we encourage you to stick to the classics for starters. By all means, also, go for features that fit your personal aesthetic such as gold buttons or a pocket for your pocket square.

The Velvet Blazer

First off, the velvet blazer is a good choice if you want to stand out and be stylish. It is subtle enough that you could wear on a regular basis, yet unique and stylish enough to turn heads. A good styling tip will be pairing a red (burgundy) velvet blazer with white. It could be a white dress, turtleneck, shirt or white pants/jeans. Evidently, the contrast between the velvet and white is sublime and speaks of the festive Christmas season.

For a more fashion-forward look, opt for a black velvet blazer with black satin lapels. You could also go for a black velvet blazer with contrasting gold metal buttons both on the sleeves and the breast. This is a simple, yet nice touch to turn a velvet blazer from basic to super trendy.

The Velvet Suit

Now, if a full velvet suit does not make a fashion statement, what else would? Without a doubt, a velvet suit is the perfect winter choice as it stylishly keeps you warm! Go for an unbuttoned look and up the ante by pairing it with the same color hat, shoes, and even lipstick! You will likely not need a jacket over the suit as it is thick enough to keep you warm.

Stella Uzo
How to style a Velvet Blazer, skirt and dress
Fisayo Longe
How to style a Velvet Blazer, skirt and dress
Patricia Bright
How to style a Velvet Blazer, skirt and dress
Folake Kuye Huntoon

How to style a Velvet Blazer, skirt and dress
Chic Ama
How to style a Velvet Blazer, skirt and dress
Sai Sankoh

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