Yemi Alade Styles Sai Sankoh Goddess Kaftan

It looks like a Sai Sankoh Goddess Kaftan is the perfect outfit to revoke amazing childhood memories. The $295.oo yellow and green Nawara kaftan has got Yemi Alade walking down memory lane. On a recent Instagram post, the Nigeria artist opened up about her childhood wearing the Nawara goddess Kaftan from SS.

Yemi appeared deep in thought in a series of photographs as she walked barefoot in a garden with trees. She is seen wearing only the flowy Kaftan blending seamlessly with greens and colours of nature. Though the multi print kaftan can be styled with leggings and the Marley print pants from the same brand, Yemi styled it her way. Clearly, according to Yemi, tunics and caftans are not only for the beach but comfy enough for lounging at home.

Yemi Alade Styles Sai Sankoh Goddess Kaftan

Even though the clothing brand was only launched back in November 2018, it is already a favourite amongst black celebrities. In the wake of supporting black-owned businesses, many famous faces have already patronised the luxury label. In February of this year, Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily wore the kaftan to the Humanity of Connection event. Again, even more, high profile names like Iman have endorsed the women’s clothing line.

According to Sai Sankon, creative director of the eponymous label, another collection is on its way. Just like the first collection, we hope to see more Old and New Hollywood glamour, vintage and silk in the next.

Yemi Alade Styles Sai Sankoh Goddess caftan

Yemi Alade Styles Sai Sankoh tunic

Yemi Alade Styles Sai Sankoh Nawara Goddess Kaftan

Yemi Alade Styles Sai Sankoh Nawara Goddess Kaftan

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