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Ferdinand Oyono and Albert Mukong are two names synonymous with Cameroon fiction. They are famous for Cameroon’s best-selling and most compelling books written or published in English. Prisoner Without a Crime a memoir written by Cameroonian author Albert Mukong. Meanwhile, The Old Man and the Medal is by long-serving Cameroonian diplomat Ferdinand Oyono. These authors continue to inspire many Cameroonians to venture into the art of writing. Even though, most Cameroonian writers are under-celebrated except for books like Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue

Cameroonian Author Bridget Benjamin

Despite the lack of recognition, for Cameroonian writers, we have experienced a spike in new writers both at home and the diaspora. Just in the first half of 2020, Cameroonian Author Bridget Benjamin published a new book titled Virtuous Woman. We also saw two new literary work by child authors Mbawa Book Reviewers; Sagas of Anya and Land of the NurogonsIdentically, Benjamin and the Mbawa Book Reviewers are part of a new generation of Cameronian authors swiftly growing in reputation. 

Cameroonian author Bridget Benjamin
Cameroonian author Bridget Benjamin

When Bridget Benjamin, a producer, actress and businesswoman, published Why Marry in 2016, we didn’t anticipate another book four years later. As with many Cameroonian writers, Bridget Benjamin’s oeuvre – is encompassed by women, virtue and legacy.

Virtuous Woman by Bridget Benjamin

Virtuous Woman is currently available on Amazon. The long-awaited book became available on Amazon today after soo many months of anticipation. The book sells presently at $9.99 and available in the UK and USA. You can shop all the mentioned books by clicking on the highlighted text.

Lastly, don’t forget to leave an Amazon review after you shop these great books and support our Cameroon writers.


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