If you are reading this article then I will assume a couple of reasons why you probably landed here. You currently follow the work of Cameroonian makeup artist Klarah Enie. Additionally, you love makeup and are looking for bold summer makeup inspiration. Or maybe, you could not resist the beautiful photographs of Klarah’s stunning African print head-wraps and are interested in Ankara scarfs. Last but not least, you are looking for top makeup artist in Germany for dark skin people.

Whatever triggered a reaction to click and read this article, we hope you enjoy the makeup looks. Not to mention the stylish ways to wear headwraps as we do. Apart from styling faces using beauty products from MAC cosmetics, Black Opal and Iman cosmetics, Klarah has mastered styling her hair.

Cameroonian Makeup Artist Klarah Enie Stuns In Ankara Head-wraps

First and foremost, we all agree that hair and beauty go hand in glove. That is to say, they both compliment each other for maximum effect. Mammypi’s top German-based Cameroonian makeup artist has carefully mastered the art of styling casually styling her hair using African print.

Head-wraps are becoming more mainstream in fashion and are a chic way of self-expression depending on the print. Dark skin African women generally tend to choose handprint and solid African and traditional print scarves for styling. Head scarfs are also a stylishly cheat way of styling hair on a bad hair day.

Here are multiple ways to wear a vibrant African print headwrap like Klarah.


Top Cameroonian makeup artist Klarah Enie
White statement earrings

Top Cameroonian makeup artist Klarah Enie


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