Head wrapping or head ties have been in trend way before Facebook and Instagram. In fact, growing up, it was impossible to see a rural woman without a vibrant head tie over her hair. Sunday’s were particularly special as the best headtie style made it to church. Again this was an opportunity for the younger generation to learn how to tie the head tie without a Youtube tutorial. As a result, wearing a headscarf stylishly came naturally to most African girls especially those from Christian homes.

African Women Statement headtie

African women especially in Cameroon make a big cultural and religious statement each day in bold and colourful head ties. The head tie has been a fashion staple in the wardrobe of many African women for many years. Usually, the head cover is a small cut from a ‘wrapper’ material that has been used to stitch a dress, ‘kaba Ngondo’ or another African print outfit.

Religious Significance of head covering

Biblically, the practice of Christian head covering is commanded in Holy Scripture, according to 1 Corinthians 11:2–16. Similarly, Orthodox Christians wear the head covering for praying and prophesying. Again, women wear the hair tie for modesty, in public worship and at home.

Fashionable Ways To Wear A Headscarf

Just like every piece of historic clothing making a comeback with a contemporary twist, headwraps have not been left behind. Even though much has not been done to redesign the shape and design, the way it is styled has certainly evolved. Today, head covering is not only seen in churches. It has become an everyday fashion trend, especially with street style. There is certainly no right or wrong way on how to wear a headscarf.

Of course, it can be styled with a denim outfit, a little black dress, a pair of white sneakers depending on the mood. Headscarves have become a mainstream fashion accessory just like the French style scarf.

Here are some beautiful African women rocking their head-ties in bold and vibrant colours we could not resist.

Nabila Rod in African Print headtie
Nabila Rod in African Print headwrap
Bandy Kiki in African Print headtie
Bandy Kiki

Cameroonian model African Print headtie

Penjo Baba Model in African headtie
Vibrant Toghu pring head cover


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