Cameroonian singer Blanche Bailly
Blanche Bailly

Mon Bebe- by Cameroonian singer Blanche Bailly may still be cooking but the behind the scenes photos are stunning. Without a doubt, the sexy photos are packed with excitement.  Bailly released a series of stunning portraits over the weekend on her Instagram which has now gone viral. The viral photos of Blanche Bailly shot in Lagos, Nigeria are a collaboration between the artist and celebrity makeup artist Vicky-Corine Ndome.

In the now hottest pictures of Blanche Bailly, the beautiful Cameroonian singer gets a complete makeover by La Star Beauty. Blanche is seen wearing only what appears to be an orange bodysuit. Equally, Blanche glows in a subtle brown skin makeup blending seamlessly into her outfit. As a renowned makeup oracle, Vicky-Corine knows what works. Especially what’s going to look exceptionally great for Bailly, the camera and end product. However, we are curious to know if the makeup artist used fake tan on Bailly who as we know has very pale skin. Maybe, great lighting and Photoshop played a role with the look. Whatever the case, we think these photos will go down history as one of her dopest.

Sexy Photos of Cameroonian Singer Blanche Bailly

It is not the first time Corine has worked with a Cameroonian celebrity. Correspondingly, her portfolio as a celebrity makeup artist stems from her work with the best names in the entertainment industry. However, her recent artistic work with Miss Bailly is worth every hype the photos are getting.  I bet we all agree this is the simplest yet most sophisticated makeup ever seen on Blanche.  We’re also totally obsessed with the sleek black hair and neon nails which of course is always in trend.

Fortunately for you all, you can judge the work for yourself. Scroll below and see the curated edit of the only makeup and beauty look to see this week.

Cameroonian singer Blanche Bailly
Cameroonian singer Blanche Bailly


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