Stephanie Tum-Makeup Artist

Makeup artist in Cameroon doesn’t often receive the credit they so deserve. Most Cameroonian entertainers are yet to master the art of crediting their glam team. Especially, when sharing glamorous photographs of themselves across social media.

Stephanie Tum Shocks Fans With Incredible News About Her Makeup Artist

Over the years, several makeup artists have gained massive followers on social media platforms because of their forward-thinking techniques. Not to mention their incredible pictures and which celebrities they’re working with. 

Despite the efforts most makeup artists, photographers, hairstylist, wardrobe artist put into achieving a glam look, their work does not usually get the recommended accolades. Those dreamy, mind-blowing photos of some of your favourite actors, musicians and entertainers are in most cases the work of a team. Therefore, it’s only right that each of them receives their proper credits when celebrities and their team share images online.

Granted, Stephanie Tum often dazzles her fandom with her beautiful hair and makeup. But today, The Saving Mbango producer shocked her readers with an appreciation postShe took to her Facebook page and wrote; 

“Let me brag a little about my makeup artist @Glamourmakeovers (On Instagram). I can literally sleep and let her do with my face whatever she wants.” The famed actress continues, “I met Stephn’y Pearls Makeup 3 years ago during CAMIFF2017 after my choice makeup artist failed me. She was recommended by a friend, and I reluctantly accepted only to be blown away by her work and ever since I am hooked. SHE IS THE BEST!!.”

Stephanie did not stop at her prolific makeup genius. She went on to thank LoR’Terr Options for making her natural hair journey easy. 

Check out the glamourous look Stephanie wore to #TheEntitled Movie Premiere last night and let us know what you think. See the stunning photos below

Stephanie Tum-Makeup Artist
Stephanie Tum-Makeup Artist
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