Cameroonian Celebrity makeup artist Vicky-Corine Sone Ndome

Famous Cameroonian celebrity makeup artist Corine who is currently based in Nigeria celebrates her birthday today.  The celebrity makeup artist who loves sharing her beauty looks and tutorials on Instagram is ageing in beauty.  A quick scroll through La Star Beauty Instagram handle will tell you that this is a makeup artist with a list of famous clients.

We had a one-to-one to discover the woman behind the makeup brand La Star Beauty. Even though we all feel like we know Corine, Mammypi wanted to know the woman, the inspiration behind the brand.

Cameroonian Celebrity makeup artist Vicky-Corine Sone Ndome Cameroonian Celebrity makeup artist Vicky-Corine Sone Ndome

Celebrity Makeup Artist La Star Beauty

Mammypi: So tell us your full names and the person behind La Star Beauty (When and where you were born)

LSB: My name is Vicky-Corine Sone Ndome aka Corine LaStar- a Cameroonian Makeup Artist and CEO of LA Star Beauty based in Nigeria. I was born on May 05th in Limbe, Cameroon and I hail from the Southwest province.

Mammypi: What does Beauty mean to you?

LSB: To me, Beauty means feeling comfortable in your own skin and appreciating your imperfections

Mammypi: How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?

LSB: Over 5 years I started out as a freelance makeup artist before serving with “Austa place” and now the rest is history.

Mammypi: Why Nigeria when Cameroon is in need of makeup artists in the industry?

LSB: Nigeria is a land of opportunities and the competition here is on the extreme. Again, that makes you work and learn more so to meetup with the big names

Beauty Talk With Cameroonian Beautician Vicky-Corine Sone Ndome aka Corine LaStar

Mammypi: Where do you get your inspiration from?

LSB: Just like other makeup artists, I get my inspiration from a vast range of sources. LOL…! All depending on where the job and the brief lead me. Sometimes, it is simply looking at the person’s face or their wardrobe. And very often, the feeling is very instinctive on what would work.  Then, when I start to work on a models face in the mirror it just all comes together.

Sometimes it is just watching people on the street, looking at is in trend, what is currently in magazines and films.  Furthermore, I have always been strongly influenced by the graphics looks in old black and white movies. My experimentation with colours has always come from looking at how tones and layers seamlessly blend together in nature; in birds plumage or flowers petals.

Breaking The Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Mammypi: What has been the biggest challenge of your career? 

LSB: One of the biggest challenges in my career as a makeup artist is being in a dominated country like Nigeria.  As a foreigner, earning respect and imposing myself within the industry was a big struggle, this was very difficult trust me.

I was more than willing to put in the work to create my own reputation for being a hardworking young woman in my own right. To overcome this, I have had to learn to build my confidence and overcome my negative self-talk.

Those negative comments that have built up in my head are stopping me from reaching my full potential, to combat them, I joined a variety of women entrepreneur groups. These groups have provided me with mentors and peers to inspire me, hit me with reality checks on my capabilities and successes and help me grow and learn from their outside perspectives and experiences.

Mammypi: Does everyone look better with make-up?

LSB: NO.! Some people really look very beautiful without makeup

Mammypi: What three makeup item should no one should leave home without?

LSB: Even though you asked for 3, let me be a little extra and make it 6…Lol.! In my opinion, everyone should carry a pressed powder, Concealer, Red Lipstick, Mascara, Lip balm, Hand cream

Mammypi: How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

LSB: My signature makeup look is a simple subtle smokey eye. The reason I call it signature is because you can wear it at all times. A smokey eye has the ability to make you look natural and elegant without you feeling caked up.

Mammypi: What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to any man/ women?

LSB: Be yourself, be the positive version of yourself. Figure out what makes you look really good and stick to it. Stay up late…LOL! Drink lots of water and get a miracle concealer. Incorporate new trends, throw in some good matte lipstick if that is what is trending. Just don’t do the walking trend thing, sometimes, somethings wey dey Instagram dey look like bad movie…LOL

Mammypi: Who is the most famous person you have worked with? Which celebrity would you love to work with?

LSB: Mercy Johnson. And I will love to work with Genevieve Nnaji, Kim Kardashian and a whole lots of celebrities. It goes without saying I know this dream will come to pass someday?

Mammypi: Any plans for a beauty line from you in the future?

LSB: Oh well! I am still looking for opportunities to work with great production houses in the near future. Right now I’m working on creating more awareness for the brand Lastarbeauty and putting a proper structure in place.

Mammypi: Any advice to young persons like you who are hustling?

LSB: Please don’t give up. Don’t try giving up because failure is normal.

Cameroonian beautician Vicky-Corine Sone Ndome



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