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Daniel Mofor creative director of Don Morphy designs spotted wearing an electric two-piece set from the brands’ collection. Daniel was snapped sitting pretty wearing the double-breasted blazer which features small colour lapels. The style influencer and growing name within the fashion circle paired the blazer with crop blue trousers which say; Life is short, your trousers can be too. The look is flashy, fun fresh and perfect for date nights or just hanging out with the lads.


Of course, Don had to add his personal touch to complete the look. His signature fedora hat in brown provided the perfect contrast for the blue to pop. For Accessories, the stylish designer kicked on a pair of white sneakers to further compliment his crisp white shirt. Can you spot the aviator sunnies? We certainly can because it is the perfect weather for sunglasses. We think the designer is inspiring a major Aviator shades comeback.

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Don Morphy- Mammypi FashionTV


Daniel Mofor- DON MORPHY

While everyone has a right to their opinion, in our books, Don Morphy is not just a fashion designer; he is fashion in heart and spirit. It goes without saying Don’s style is a clear representation of his brands image.
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