Yomi Casual

Hello guys, it’s been a minute we have touched base. Especially, with some of the men changing the face of fashion in Africa. Today our spotlight goes to the ever so talented and beautiful Makun Omoniyi of Yomi Casual fashion label. 

Who is Yomi Casual?

Yomi Casual prides itself as the home of modern men fashion with a peculiar knack for looking extra polished. An African menswear fashion brand with a unique twist to smart wears using African patterns with contemporary sophistication. When it comes to modern style among Nigerian Men, Yomi is a leading household name. Without a doubt, one of the prominent names leading in the fashion industry.

Equally, Makun Omoniyi Creative Director of the Nigerian menswear brand is the brother to successful ace Comedian, Ayo Makun, who’s known on stage as AY. However, Makun’s success with his label hasn’t been because of his famous brothers’ success. In spite of his connection, the celebrity designer said in one of his interviews with Success story NG  “My greatest fear is poverty.” The 35-year-old designer went on to say, all the money he made in life is through fashion, adding that nobody ever gave him free money. It is essential to realize that the designer graduated from Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, where he studied Fashion Design and Clothing Technology.

Yomi Casual
Yomi Casual
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Yomi Casual


According to the brands’ website, the Obioma is a tailoring service where people can call for a tailor if they have any alteration. As well as any amendment they need to do on their outfit at their comfort zone. We tried to get the Yomi Casual price list on the brands’ website but could not locate any. However, you can check out Yomi Casual latest design on their website.

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The designer is a member of popular “fine boys” association together with Alexx Ekubo, Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna

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