Pafe Ekutoh Osong

Blanche Bailly, Ewube, Muriel Blanche. These are three beautifully dressed and talented Cameroonian women. Comparatively, with the same secret fashion weapon: stylist, ‘image artist’ Pafe Ekutoh Osong.

Osong has worked his way up to Cameroon’s leading celebrity stylist. Quickly after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2016 from Bamenda Catholic University. The 25-year-old has received publicity spread from news and blogs websites for his work on Aggolo, Miss Gina Promotes, LadyT237. The designer is a sartorial chameleon who adapts deftly to every clients’ requirements.

Pafe Ekutoh Osong of Pafe Style

 Pafe Ekutoh Osong

Aside from working extra hard to make sure celebrities look good on Instagram, music videos and film, behind the scenes, the stylist and designer also worked on his latest collection and Osong Fashion Show.


The highly-anticipated Fashion Show created by Pafe Style took place at the Africa Lounge Bonapriso in Douala. The designer presented the brands’ ready-to-wear collection while using its platform to encourage and empower the growth of the African fashion industry. Another key aim of the Osong Fashion Show was highlighting the importance of patronising Made in Cameroon and discourage counterfeiting in the fashion industry.

Whether Osong’s transitioning from Daphne’s haute Ankara raincoat, Ayena’s Punk fashion, he leaves his boundary-pushing fingerprint in every look.


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