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So, it’s March and spring’s been long sprung. Along with the bloom of daffodils, we are celebrating the birth month of Hilda Ngelo, Mammypi’s “bossbabe”. Seen here in this pristine pic, Hilda’s True Violet off shoulder number and yellow Iriza Loubies are matched with heart-breaking precision.

Don’t be fooled by how this pic reminds us of being alive through an impeccable depiction of strength and vulnerability.  It’s all about being savvy and fearlessly fashionable, she insists. How else could one muster enough boldness to pair pieces from opposite ends of the market with such showstopping results? Indeed, we concur. Besides being a bold shot of print perfection, this tie-sleeve beauty delivers the Spring fiesta vibe to a tee.

Danke Hilda!  Posing for the March 2019 birthday editorial, shot by the legendary, the Camer babe showcases her luxuriously chic style with a jet black afro-twist bob.


Undoubtedly, this savviness has propelled Mammypi into the giddy heights of a bona fide fashion authority. One with seriously respectable levels of social influence. Currently ranked #1 by Google for #Toghu and boasting 1M unique website page views per month, we think it’s safe to conclude that the stats more than speak for themselves.

C’mon, y’all know the Camer fashion scene would hardly be the same were it not for this influencer. In addition to her unparalleled skill behind the lens and an uncanny knack for brand promotion, more than a fair share of the kudos goes to Mammypi for giving the 237 Toghu the heightened awareness it now enjoys.

Mammypi’s Contribution To 237 Fashion & Entertainment

Without a shadow of a doubt, she know her craft. As we celebrate the hard work it took to become one of, if not best known Camer blogs, we also celebrate Mammypi’s relentless dedication to giving back and celebrating all things Camer. Many a Cameroonian business, artist etc has benefitted from her ardent belief in and commitment to the growth of homegrown talent. Like it or not, the Camer fashion landscape has never been the same since Mammypi arrived on the scene. For this we profusely bow!

As you jet off to sunnier isles for the weekend, we’d like to say…Happy Birthday boss babe! Happy Birthday Mammypi. Your happy returns shall be countless.

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Mammypi Fashion Blog
Kinky Twist hairstyle by Hilda Ngelo
Mammypi Fashion Blog
True Violet Off Shoulder Dress With Tie Sleeve
Hilda Ngelo Mammypi Fashion Blog
Yellow Iriza pumps by Christian Louboutin
Hilda Ngelo Mammypi Fashion Blog
CEO of Mammypi Hilda Ngelo

Hilda is wearing a True Violet Off Shoulder Dress With Tie Sleeve now on sale. Of course, you can also bag a similar dress here.



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