Yes, I have just had the best birthday celebration ever after a long five months shielding and the birthday photos loudly speak for themselves. For those of you who know me, you would know my actual birthday is March 15. Thus, this is a belated celebration put together by some of my sister-friends.

My Fabulous Birthday Photos To Inspire You

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Given that the world abruptly went into a global lock-down back in March after the outbreak of COVID-19, all plans for a trip abroad went instantly on hold.

We had all these grand plans to travel to Monaco via Nice for a memorable birthday celebration. All our plans had to wait. As a result, everything stopped, and suddenly surviving the virus became priority number one for everyone. We did survive, and for that, I am so thankful.

Staycation Birthday Celebration

The truth is, I gave up all the plans, but my friends never gave up on them. I was content knowing if things did not turn out the way they did, my friends would have given me a dream experience in the French Riviera. What I didn’t know was, they were busy behind the scenes organizing a staycation birthday celebration in my honour.

On Saturday, August 8th, five months after my actual birthday, some of my closest friends came together for a beautiful birthday dinner in the heart of Birmingham. Firstly, they came to slay. Read that again. It was a dinner like no other—glitz, glamour and laughter.

It was the most beautiful, fun, stylish birthday party I have ever had throughout my adult life. What made it special, the ladies went all out. They could have chosen to cosy up with pizza, pyjamas and their nearest and dearest at home. Instead, they came out decked in their glitziest casual smart, dipping with glamour with nothing but love and kindness to litter. It was a beautiful day well spent in the company of these women, creating memories I will forever hold close to my heart.

Hilda Ngelo EIC Mammypi
Birthday Photo shoot Ideas
From L-R Ayuk, Hilda,Katrena
Carol and Mammypi
Birthday Photo shoot Ideas
Kathy and Mammypi
Birthday Photo shoot Ideas
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