League of Gentleness (LOG)

ManLikeClix brings a new era of fashion movement to Cameroon under the pseudonym of League of Gentleness (LOG). It’s half past 9 pm UK time. I get a call from Gwei Noel Yengong. If you follow Noel on Instagram, you will know he’s been in Douala for some time working on different projects. You must know Noel if you have been reading our blog. There’s a great article about him here for a recap.

League Of Gentleness To Take Place in Douala, Akwa Palace

Gwei who prefers to go by his stage name ManLikeClix explain his plan about consolidating the best-dressed men and women in Cameroon. Without a doubt, Cameroon has a rich and intricately diverse fashion industry spanning across the villages and urban cities. We talk about the vision and what Noel aims to get out of League of Gentleness. Simply, Noel wants to bring together men and women with a sense of fashion bravery and boldness. In particular, combined with an ability to team outlandish hues with garish patterns.

League of Gentleness (LOG)

Hotel Akwa Palace, Douala

If you know anything about Cameroon, it will be the fact that Douala sits as the economic capital. Owing to the city’s central location and diverse population, there’s no better city than Douala to host the event. Not forgetting Douala’s emerging hip culture. Noel decides to launch the fashion movement from a position that can immediately attract stakeholders. The 1st edition of League of Gentleness will kick off in Hotel Akwa Palace today from 3 pm. Given that, the movement aims to bring together a diverse group of best-dressed Cameroonian men and women of all ages. Also, LOG will host some of the leading stakeholders in the fashion and entertainment industry. These will include designers, fashion bloggers, entertainers and fashion connoisseurs.

League of Gentleness (LOG)

In general, we hope to see the most stylish Cameroonians out and about in Akwa today. Men dressed in colourful tailored suits and bold Ankara prints with accessories such as cigars, fedora hat or sunshades. Not only that but some flashy shoes, trimmed, colourful tailored outfits designed and stitched by local Cameroonian designers.



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