Jackie Aina On Essence Magazine June 2019

The Essence Magazine June digital copy is out and your favourite makeup artist and beauty vlogger Jackie Aina is on the cover. Yep! That’s right. Jackie Aina is Essence Magazine cover girl for the magazine’s June digital copy. To emphasize, Essence Magazine is a black magazine that highlights black people in fashion and entertainment.

In a video available on Essence.com, Jackie discusses her growing up and reading Essense. She talks about how Essence impacted her especially the many positive images of what it meant being a black woman. Owing to that, she now gets to contribute to the black beauty industry breaching the gap of colourism. Marielle Bobo fashion director at Essence is responsible for bringing together the glamorous look on Jackie. The fashion director incorporated lots of jewel details with Swarovski everywhere, metallic accents, and all sorts of ornate embellishments.

Jackie Aina Covers Essence Magazine June Digital Copy

During the shoot, Essence makeup artist Danessa Matricks describes Jackie as a ray of sunshine. Danessa brought all the glitter and things that sparkle and shines like Jackie’s personality. According to Jackie, the makeup team fully embodied what she wants and what she represents.  Furthermore, the team brought in some colour on the hair. Notably, some Lavender was added to make sure Jackie looks like the star that she is. Says hairstylist Stephen Hudson.

Jackie says on the shoot that from day one she made it clear that she wanted to inspire women of colour, especially dark skin women. The 31-year-old continued to say it didn’t matter to her if that was on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. Those tools were just what was available to her at the time since starting her YouTube channel in 2009. However, what really matters was the impact that her videos were making and how it impacted moods and confidence.

In 2018 Jackie Aina was named NAACP’s YouTuber of the Year. Jackie continues to air her views using her social media channels as she enjoys success as a bueaty influencer.

Jackie Aina On Essence Magazine June 2019
Jackie Aina On Essence Magazine June 2019
Metallic nails and eye brows
Jackie Aina On Essence Magazine June 2019
A beautiful twirl
Jackie Aina On Essence Magazine June 2019
Sparling lips and coffin shaped nails
YouTuber Jackie Aina
Kisses and glitters

In essence, Jackie looks as gorgeous as she always does for the most part. The stunning pictures are the creative work of Adrienne Raquel @adrienneraquel


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