Lucie Memba photographed by Penjo Baba

Renowned Cameroonian producer and photographer Penjo Baba has shared a series of drool-worthy photos of Lucie Memba. Each time I scroll through my social feed stalking the Cameroonian celebrities I follow, I always come across some very interesting content. When everyone else attempts at failing me, Penjo Studios and his team of makeup artist and models are always up to something super creative.

The beginning of the week, Penjo Papa shared a series of photographs of Cameroonian actress Lucie Memba. Lucie looks flawless wearing a simple blowout hairstyle by LoR’Terr Options. Lucie together with Penjo Studios blessed their followers with the amazing and Vogue worthy photos. The photo’s display Lucie wearing her natural hair with a bold over the knee Ankara dress.

Cameroonian Actress Lucie Memba Shot By Penjo Baba

Just in case you did not know, Lucie’s love for Ankara and the African print fabric runs deep. The Cameroonian actress does not only own a fashion boutique where she sells Ankara dresses and African print clothing, but she also slays every outfit. Lucie’s style and love for African print fashion is proof that she was born to stand out.

The first unique feature of her bold and colorful Ankara dress goes to the statement sleeves. Moreover, the round neck and deep slit detail on the neckline brings a unique twist to her style. Therefore, if you are in need for a over the knee Ankara print dress, Lucie Memba has them in store.

Lucie Memba photographed by Penjo Baba
Lucie Memba
Lucie Memba photographed by Penjo Baba
Lucie Memba photographed by Penjo Baba

Actress Lucie Memba in African print dress from La Fee Lucie Fashion Boutique

Whether you need African print dresses for work, weddings or just a night out with friends, La Fée Lucie got them for you. Therefore, Lucie is your go-to girl for Ankara and African print dresses, skirts, suits and blazers for every occasion.

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