South African actress and model Pearl Thusi shows us some stylish ways to slay African fashion accessories. The one thing that really strikes us is, despite her widely different outfits and hairstyles, Pearl keeps rocking African accessories.

Pearl Thusi Colourful African Print Fashion Accessories

From her bold and colourful South African beaded native hat for women to the African beads choker. Truly, there is sufficient evidence to prove that Thusi is a proud ambassador of African fashion. Thus, Pearl’s style is simple with a punch of ethic goddess presence.

Her love of African print accessories never fails to provide the freshest look that goes from the red carpet to off-duty. Bear in mind that, Pearl does not only wear African print symbolic to South Africa. The South African native also draws inspiration from the Ghana Kente fabric and African print fashion as a whole.

As can be seen, we believe she deserves credit in her portrayal of African fashion. Her self-expression and clear comfort with being Afro-centric is an inspiration. Therefore, the combination of her African beauty with African print accessories has earned her an iconic fashion spot

Here is how to show off your sophisticated African fashion accessories and add a pop of pretty to any boring outfit.

Pearl Thusi In Zulu Elaborate Red Hat
Pearl Thusi in a red Zulu hat with multi-colour beads
Pearl Thusi in Traditional African Print Head-tie
Ready to Wear African Print Headwrap Turban | Top Knot Ankara Headwrap
Pearl coordinating Kente bomber jacket with head-wrap
Kente Ready to Wear African Print Headwrap Turban | Top Knot Ankara Headwrap
Pearl Thusi in Kente dress and beaded accessories
Gold-tone African beaded headband and armlet jewellery
Sithembile Xola in a colorful African beads necklace
Last but not least, a Maasai choker, African choker, beaded choker, choker with chains, green and white bead choker



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