Sai Sankoh Drops ‘Lusting Havana’ Resort 2019 Collection

Dallas, TX-based luxury kaftan and contemporary fashion brand Sai Sankoh release their second collection. Resort 2019 by the eponymous women’s wear brand Sai Sankoh presents the labels second collection ‘Lusting Havana’. Named after the founder Sai Sankoh of Sierra Leone origin, the brand first launched in November 2018. Chiefly, the brand offers a range of luxury kaftans made in India in rich silk and animal print designs.

Sai Sankoh Drops ‘Lusting Havana’ Resort 2019 Collection

The 2019 Resort collection shot in Cuba is an ode to Cuban and Africa heritage around a 70’s inspired twist. Altogether, the collection also includes a range of sophisticated, glamorous kaftans, dresses and two-piece sets. In spite of the modern, bold and colourful silhouettes, Sai Sankoh designs are inspired by old Hollywood glamour. In effect, the colours used throughout the collection are inspired by the designers’ travel such as her hometown Sierra Leone. Notably, the lush green rainforest, colourful architecture and inviting landscape.

When asked about the collection, here is what the designer had to say;

I drew inspiration from hot African summer days where you have birds chirping, butterflies, all surrounded by a bright and colourful marketplace.

Hot Pink Dresses and Jumpsuits

As can be seen from the pictures, the collection offers new items including crop tops, jumpsuits, skirts and pant sets. Sai Sankoh serves a breath-taking collection of 26 beautifully crafted pieces in hues including snakeskin green, lemon, red and hot pink.

With the bold hues and inspiration, Sai’s ‘Lusting Havana’ Resort 2019 collection is every fashionista’s dream.

Pink cut-out jumpsuit Resort 2019

Animal print crop top and flare pant


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