Wele Elangwe shows off her sophisticated style wearing a Pink Dress and matching DIY Pink Clutch!

Wele Elangwe-Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Unforeseen Circumstance

An unforeseen circumstance in life will ruin even the best-made plans. I know you all were looking forward to my outfit with my DIY pink clutch this weekend. While I am excited to share the pictures of my outfit with you, I am sad to tell you that I did not make it to the event. Unfortunately, I had a family emergency. Therefore, much to my chagrin, I canceled. Mind you, I live about 3 hours away from the event location so it wasn’t feasible for me to turn up late either. Certainly, my plans were dashed and without a doubt, I was absolutely crushed!

Despite the unforeseen circumstance, I still dressed up just for you!

However, given that I had promised you guys the entire final look, I still decided to be a good sport. Therefore, when my makeup artist showed up, I said to myself, I might as well indulge. So guys, yes I did it! I did my hair, did my makeup, and got dressed just for your viewing pleasure. To be honest, though, I had fun doing the photo shoot. I can definitely say, that was my consolation!

Final look with DIY pink clutch

Ultimately, my final look was a pink dress with some jewels sparingly stitched on it from ASOS which I got for $46. Interestingly, the jewels on the dress greatly complemented the bling on my clutch. Meanwhile, the dress also featured a nice collar detail that added a touch of sophistication to the look. Then, for my hair, I did a simple ponytail with curly hair extension. This helped pull my face for a clean look. Finally, my shoes were floral metallic pumps from INC. That was it!

Enjoy the pictures…

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Fuchsia dress and clutch
Complete Look
Pink fuchsia dress
Unforeseen circumstance can’t steal my joy!
Fuchsia dress and metallic pumps
Fuschia dress and matching clutch
DIY pink clutch
D.I.Y Pink Clutch
Pink fit and flare dress for breast cancer
Imagining myself on the red carpet!
Pink outfit for breast cancer awareness
Pink dress, clutch, and metallic pumps


Unforeseen circumstance ruin pink dress
Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness
Pink dress with collar details
Feeling myself


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