Crystal Bih Versus Sha Sha New

This past weekend, Crystal Bih of Crystal Beauty Show treated us to a fashion faux pas moment we could not resist but comment on. Certainly, we’ve all committed a fashion faux pas or two and we definitely know the fashion mistakes that make us cringe.

Crystal Bih at AFRIMMA 2018

On the red carpet of the 5th edition of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMMA), Crystal Bih showed up in Spell Kootor. At first glimpse, the socialite seemed to have wrapped herself in peach and teal foil paper for the ceremony. Look past her sleek and edgy hairstyle and minimalistic makeup then weep at her color-block satin gown. I’m still scratching my head on this one. I don’t know which is more hideous? The peach and teal combination, the design, the layered fluted sleeves, the satin fabric, the poor ruching job, in fact, the awful tailoring, or the creases and wrinkles.

What happened to knowing how to wield an iron? The layered fluted long-sleeved, full-length form-fitting dress didn’t even seem to hold up to actual wear. Indeed it was already wrinkled and creased by the time she hit the red carpet! Also, is it just me or did you also spot the black sandal with black and white snake print heel??? Whew! this look is all kinds of uncomfortable to the eyes! As a red-carpet fashion host, we expect Crystal to pick her wardrobe more carefully.

SPELL Kootor designs an unflattering red-carpet dress for Crystal Bih

As for Spell Kootor, we’ve seen her do better. Therefore, there is truly no excuse for this not-so-red-carpet wrinkled satin dress. Mind you, this is not the first time Spell Kootor is dressing Crystal Bih for AFRIMMA. In 2017, Crystal Bih donned another Spell Kootor design which I leave for you to decide if it was a hit or a faux-pas. However, with this latest design, Crystal might want to consider severing her design adventure ties with Spell Kootor.

Sha Sha New Sparks Controversy

In fact, the design and styling prompted a response from up-and-coming Cameroonian designer, Sha Sha. Sha Sha New specializes in contemporary African wear designs focusing mostly on the Agbada trend for men and women. While it is common for other designers to often pay compliments in describing how “pretty” or “sexy” a designer’s work is, Sha Sha did the opposite. The internet sensation totally dragged Crystal Bih, her dress and Spell Kootor in the mud.

Sha Sha may be a rising Agbada designer but unfortunately, she is not a tact guru. Her remarks per the screenshot below sparked a controversy with commenters bashing her crude remarks over another designer’s work. Sha Sha’s bizarre post outraged Crystal’s fans who vented their anger on the internet with some calling her a tailor.

Crystal Bih AFRIMMA 2018
Crystal Bih AFRIMMA 2018
Sha Sha in Sha Sha New Agbada design
Crystal Bih AFRIMMA 2018
Pearl Louma, Creative Director at SPELL Kootor
Crystal Bih AFRIMMA 2018
Facebook post
Crystal Bih AFRIMMA 2017 in SPELL Kootor dress
AFRIMMA 2017 Crystal Bih in SPELL Kootor dress

We would love to hear what you think. Was the dress choice appropriate for such a high profile entertainment event? Did Sha Sha New go against sorority law by bashing a sister designer and her muse? Use the comment box below and share your thoughts.

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  1. Good one girl! My babe won’t call me mom;but please some of my friends who have ignorantly been doing this to their partners please it’s about time you stop ??‍♀️


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