Grand-Aunt To be Edith Fongho Rocks Swarovski Diamond Embellished ‘Kaba’



Diamond Embellished Kaba Dress Style

If you are up-to-date with Mammypi Fashion Blog, then you will be well aware of the Grande Wakanda Baby Shower party affair, this past weekend. Aunty Edith showed up and showed out in a pink and green multi-coloured Kaba dress embellished in beautiful diamond stones. She looked flawless and polished as a diamond in the stylish ‘Kaba’ dress with a green head-tie.

Remember, no outfit is complete without a hint of beauty look and aunt Edith’s Kaba style was no exception. As can be seen, aunt Edith wore Bubblegum Pink lipstick and a bold broad blush beautifully blended to elevate the look.

Family Bond

The unique bond that exists between aunts and nieces: two females brought together by blood but kept together by love. We all agree there is something special about the relationship between aunties and nieces that is like no other. At least I can say that of my aunties and proudly too. Aunty Edith beamed with pride delivering a heartfelt speech to her niece and son-in-law. What made the moment even more special was holding Serge’s hands as she stood in firmness representing the matriarch.

In an emotional tribute, aunt Edith emphasized that, in life, things happen to different people at different times. She reminded the guest that having a baby at any time is NOT a race. See the video below!

Diamond Embellished Kaba Dress Style

Diamond Embellished Kaba Dress Style

Diamond Embellished Kaba Dress Style


Edith Fongho is the CEO of Concept Care Solutions. CCS is a nationwide agency supplying temporary and permanent healthcare professionals to NHS hospitals.

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Head office: 3rd Floor Rear Suite • 128-136 High Street • Edgware HA8 7EL
Concept Care Solutions
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