Toghu Print Outfit Ideas From Emelda & Serge’s #Wakanda Theme Pushparty presents-The Latest Toghu - Atoghu Fabric Outfit Styles


There’s always time and room to rave about the latest Toghu print outfit ideas. Being a proud Grass field ‘Graffi’ daughter who better to keep the Toghu trending? Of course, we all know the #Toghu is a traditional regalia mostly worn by royalties of the Northwest and Western regions of Cameroon.

Colourful Toghu Print Outfit Ideas

The fabric, colour and design make it stand out and depict traditional royalty. Again, the Toghu fabric comes in tie-dyed silk or cotton embroidered design. It is perfect for spring and summer apparel such as pants, shirts, dresses and skirts. Remember to allow extra yardage for pattern matching when sewing your style. Some of the colours include red, yellow and white.

Here are a few Toghu styles we spotted from Emelda’s Wakanda Baby Shower and completely love.

Toghu Print Outfit styles

Toghu Print Outfit styles
Antonia of L’Afritude Magazine
Toghu Print Outfit styles
Karen Ndze
Toghu Print Outfit styles
Getting on board with the contemporary Toghu trend, Karen wore these EB Kreations Toghu midi skirt with a simple black top for the event.
Toghu Print Outfit styles
Aunty Patience looks very happy
Toghu Print Outfit styles
Mr Valentine Mbawa and Mrs Antonia Mundi
Toghu Print Outfit styles
The Mancho’s and the Fombe’s

When looking for style inspo, Mammypi should be your first port of call. I hope these key Toghu pieces from the baby shower event will inspire you plus they provide the freshest ways to wear them. Of course, it’s always fun to adapt the trends to suit your own personal vibe.

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