Ever since news broke that Singer Blanche Bailly was pregnant with the singer showing off her iconic baby bump, there has been a lot of theories surrounding her pregnancy. From questions like who is the father of Blanche Bailly’s son to how many children has Blanche Bailly got.

Despite the many issues surrounding the singers’ pregnancy, Blanche continued to show off her beautiful pregnant figure in a series of maternity wears. Surprisingly, even with all the social media rumours, alledging Salatiel is the father of Blanche Bailly’s son Jayden, the singer is yet to confirm who the father of her child is.


On August 1, the singer shared a single image with the caption ” Stepping into my birth month with a new status update.” She included the hashtag #MamaJayden also hinting she birthed her son on the 27/07/2020.

However, after the birth of her son, the singer has shared a series of her most iconic baby bump photos. With every mention of Cameroonian artist Salatiel as the father of Jayden, Blanche Bailly has released a glamorous photo showing off her baby bump.

Iconic Baby Bump Photos


Iconic Baby Bump Photos

In a series of high fashion photos styled by Mukwelle Sabina with makeup by ABS Glow, the singer shows off her celebrity baby bump. Beautifully captured by 44Pictures, while nine months pregnant with her son Jayden, Blanche looks sensational. By all means, it is the black dress with a high neck, cut-out details and diamond details for us. The singer looked beautiful in a series of shots by 44Pictures as she bared it all for her fans.

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