Tyra Banks, Don Morphy Custom Pantsuits The Perfect Pick To Exude Class And Confidence

"Women That Soar"

Tyra Banks in Custom Don Morphy Pant Suits

Tyra Banks, seem to be the latest brand ambassador for Don Morphy women’s line of clothing. The model and businesswoman, as always, nailed her semi-professional look wearing Don Morphy like a boss. Tyra wore the pantsuits to the Women That Soar annual black-tie Awards show in Dallas. Customised by Cameroonian born Daniel Mofor FGI Dallas 2018 Rising Star Nominee and styled by J.Bolin.

Even though winter is nigh, Trya opted for Springs pastels to lighten up her look and still be a boss. Our very own life barbie wore two pastel pantsuits in wisteria and robin’s egg blue for the Women That Soar 2018 event.

Tyra Banks In Don Morphy Pantsuits

You must have noticed 80s inspired pantsuits is making our top fall fashion trends this season. The female power suit made its way into the fashion world in the 80s when women charged the corporate world. Like the true millionaire entrepreneur, Tyra Banks is, she had to look the part for the event. Donning the same design in pink and lilac with wide-cut concealing and double-breasted, the suit screams no nonsense. The supermodel shows that she may have left the runway for the corporate world, but she still got it.

Take a look below at all the outfits Tyra wore for the event.

Tyra Banks in Custom Don Morphy Pant Suits
Top Model Tyra In Don Morphy Design
Tyra Banks in Custom Don Morphy Pant Suits
The #AGT host opted for sexy yet formal pantsuits which can be your pick too for your office as well as some meetings. Every day, when we have the same question in mind as to what to wear to work, this outfit can be the answer to your question. This edge look will make sure you stand out!
Tyra Banks in Custom Don Morphy Pant Suits
A bold and powerful statement in an Haute Société #Reddawn two piece suit
Tyra Banks in Custom Don Morphy Pant Suits
Esé Azénabor Atelier

Savvy styling and excellent craftsmanship and you have the power suit redefined! Congratulations Don Morphy. This is absolutely gorge!


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