I am literally screaming with excitement and recovering from multiple orgasms just typing this blog post.  Also, staring at the four legends right in front of me from Oscars 2017 is black excellence. While I  silently pray, in my next life, I want to return BLACK. And of course, be affiliated to these strong black brothers all over again. And back to the red carpet moment, we are all here for.

I could not help but share and lust over these four black happily married brothers all doing it big in Hollywood and on our screen savers. Just some of my best-dressed men making their great entrances on the red carpet the Oscars award 2017.

Best Dress Men Oscars 2017

From John Legend in black Gucci suit, white shirt and black bow tie, Pharrell Williams look smashing in a Chanel tuxedo, Aldis Hodge make a statement in a navy suit with diamond details and actor David Oyewolo all decked in Dolce & Gabbana black and white suit with a bow tie. STYLE FILES| BEST DRESSED MEN AT THE OSCARS 2017 Pharrell Williams in Chanel STYLE FILES| BEST DRESSED MEN AT THE OSCARS 2017 Hello cutie Aldis HodgeSTYLE FILES| BEST DRESSED MEN AT THE OSCARS 2017 John Legend looks legendery in a Gucci suit STYLE FILES| BEST DRESSED MEN AT THE OSCARS 2017Actor David Oyewolo in Dolce & Gabbana 

Ladies, who are your best dressed of them all? I am totally taking Pharrell home with me tonight. I think everyone looks exceptionally great and individually unique in their personal style and charisma.


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