If you are a sneaker fashion lover, then you already know one of the biggest women’s sneaker blogger on Instagram. Sherlina Nym is one of the most followed and influential sneaker bloggers on social media. She is an avid Sneakers collector and Instagram fashion influencer and blogger.

New Trend Alert: Matching Shoes and Nail Polish

Recently, Sherlina who moved to the U.K from Germany seems to be rocking a new trend of matching your shoes and your nail polish. By all means, I know that according to today’s fashionistas the matchy-matchy trend is so old-school. Nevertheless, that was more for matching your bag and shoes or your outfit and bag or shoes. Certainly, nail polish and shoes is a new kind of matchy-matchy and with the way Sherlina is trending it, we sure are liking it!

Matching Neon Colored nails and Shoes

Now, to rock this trend, you should be comfortable with color. Definitely, this is one trend that fares well with color. Especially with nails not being an obvious focal point on the body, matching shoes with your nails could quite easily go unnoticed. Therefore, rocking neon tone colors and other vivacious colors is a smart way of getting this new trend noticed. You can shop all her nail polish by clicking here!!! and get some perks by using my special code MAMMYPI

Coffin Nail Shape

Strangely though, for someone so versatile with her footwear choices, from sneakers to stilettos, to clear sandals etc, Sherlina is rather limited in her nail shape choices. In most if not all of her photos, she is rocking only the coffin-shaped nails. Granted, celebrities like Kylie and Khloe Kardashian have made the coffin shape famous. However, there are still other nail shapes out there. For instance, the pointe shoe nails, oval, almond on stiletto nails will work really well with this trend.

Sneaker Blogger Sherlina Nym Moved To The U.K From Germany

Fun fact, just in case you are wondering who the beautiful Sherlina Nym is, Sherlina is a London base sneaker collector. According to her YouTube channel, she moved to London from Germany. Also, the entrepreneur previously worked in H&M before quitting her job to focus on growing her social presence as an influencer.

On that note, I’m heading to the nail salon. I need to get my nails “did” and find a pair of spectacular shoes to rock them with. Matching nails Nike, Adidas sneakers loading… Who’s joining me?

Now, take a look at some of her best sneakers and shoes below.
Green nail polish and Green Nike Sneakers
Sneaker blogger Sherlina wears Green nail polish and Green Nike Sneakers
Balenciaga hand bag and yellow sandals
Balenciaga hand bag and yellow sandals
neon green Nike sneakers
Sneakers collector Sherlina Nym wears neon nail polish and matchy neon Nike sneakers
Green Nike sneakers
Sherlina Nym shows off metallic nail polish paired with light green Nike sneakers
Nike Air Force 1 '07 Essential
£74.95 Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Essential with pink manicure
Gucci bag, clear heel sandals and green manicure
Gucci bag, clear heel sandals and green manicure
Nike Air Max Plus TN SE
Ego Official Fishnet booties, white manicure and Chanel bag with chain details
Nike Air Max Plus TN SE
Nike Air Max Plus TN SE
Nike Air VaporMax Plus
Pink and purple Nike Air Max 97 LX with pink Givenchy bag
Sneaker Blogger Sherlina Nym
White nails paired with Nike Air VaporMax Plus in black and white
Sneaker Blogger Sherlina Nym
Last but not least, our style girl rocks a pipping Red Nails and Red Sandals


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