Joan Ngomba Founder DcodedTV

Blogger and editor in chief extraordinaire Joan Ngomba of DcodedTV celebrate a decade in showbiz communication. To put it differently, in true millennial style, the Buea based blogger took to social media to announce the milestone.

After graduating from university, Joan moved to Nigeria where she hustled her way to top media house Pulse.Ng There she learned her craft while rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of Africa entertainment.

After her stint in Nigeria, of course, it was time to move back home. She moved back to Cameroon where she kick-started her blog DcodedTv with a popular column Joan on Sex.

As we all know, it is never all fun and games. The industry hasn’t come without its own fair share of drama. In December 2017, Joan was nominated and voted Best Cameroonian Anglophone blogger. This was at the Bonteh Digital Media Awards. Her win sparked a lot of controversies. With some claiming she did not merit such honors as her peers had been doing the job better and longer.

More About J Ngomba

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The grapevine has it that, the stylish blogger is undergoing negotiations to kickstart a tv show. Show on mainstream television. We are excited to this effect and cannot wait to see what our girl will bring to our screens.

Congratulations Miss J! We got nothing but mad love❣️ for you here at Mammypi. The world isn’t ready for you yet. May your hustle be blessed. Ten years of experience rolled by, many more decades of opportunities and celebration for you ahead.

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