Have you ever tried homemade products for your natural hair? We all have sunny and rainy days when it comes to finances. Therefore, taking great care of our natural hair can be quite challenging for beginners. Not only are they are building a new relationship with their hair, but also trying to figure out what works.

Moreover, they experiment on natural hair products that work for their hair and may end up spending quite a fortune. Similarly, you are not alone. I have been there and done that.


Interestingly, I did the big chop a few years ago and had no idea the challenges that lay ahead. Additionally, I thought regular hair oil could cut it but I was wrong. I joined natural hair groups hoping to eavesdrop on any secrets.


My hair was still relatively short but I had been having fantasies of an Afro hairdo, a cute little bun, twists etc. So, I kept experimenting with every new product and the recipe I could find online. In the process of experimenting, I almost damaged my hair and almost gave up. Then, natural hair wasn’t a ‘thing’ so I got little support from my friends who were ready to hand me down their weaves the minute I relaxed my hair. More still, I decided to give my hair one last chance.

THE DISCOVERY Homemade Products

My journey to the market that day was mainly to purchase raw Shea butter. I got into the cosmetic store and totally forgot what I was looking for. I knew it had butter in it but the Shea part totally faded out. So I said,

“Good afternoon, please am looking for the butter product that softens natural hair”.

She looked at me perplexed and said: “I don’t have it but is that your natural hair?”

I nodded. Touching my hair, she said, “it’s already soft, why do you want it softer?”

“I am actually looking for something that can make the hair grow longer faster,” I replied.

She looked at me in excitement and narrated the story of her daughter and the struggles she has had growing out her daughter’s natural hair. The story sounded all too familiar.

So I asked. “What did you do? Please tell me, you must tell me.

Suddenly, she offered me a seat, then came my eureka moment.

She narrated the story of her family’s homemade product. I felt honoured because she was sharing it with a total stranger. Then, she gave me the recipe. Thanks to my photographic memory, I didn’t need a pen and paper but you might do.

  • a handful of 100% Shea butterEasy and Effective HOMEMADE PRODUCTS For Long, Healthy And Soft NATURAL HAIR
  • 30 capsules /150ml of vitamin E oilEasy and Effective DIY Conditioner For Long, Healthy And Soft NATURAL HAIR
  • two tablespoons of waterEasy and Effective DIY Conditioner For Long, Healthy And Soft NATURAL HAIR
  • half a tube of virgin hair fertilizer
    Easy and Effective DIY Conditioner For Long, Healthy And Soft NATURAL HAIR
  • one ampule of placenta oilEasy and Effective DIY Conditioner For Long, Healthy And Soft NATURAL HAIR


  • mix Shea butter and virgin hair oil in an empty container
  • empty the ampule of placenta oil in the mixture
  • add water
  • add the vitamin E and mix till it forms a paste.


Apply from scalp to hair ends after your monthly wash( do not wash your natural hair too often).

Apply to hair and massage daily taking note of your hair ends.

Easy right? Overall. I spent less than 5000FCFA( 10 US DOLLARS).


In our next edition of the natural hair series, I will let you in on my DIY leave-in conditioner/moisturizer and shampoos. I recommend you try this Cheap homemade product for natural hair. It just might work for you.

Have you tried out this recipe? Please share a review in the comment section.

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