Celebrity Postpartum Body

Irene Major bids goodbye to baby bump as she debuts new postpartum body.

For some women, efforts to lose weight after a baby can be almost as strenuous as giving birth. Not only that, but there’s also more pressure than ever. For instance, famous moms try to slip into their little black dresses right after their children are born.

Television star Irene Major in a recent post on Instagram showed off her 11 weeks postpartum body. She looks hot and banging and we are here for it. It is usual for women to gain curves, stretch marks, scars and flaps after childbirth, it is even more critical we share inspiring stories of women who have bounced back after delivery. Nevertheless, baby bumps do not disappear within days or weeks for most women. However, there is enough evidence that with some lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, some women have successfully gained control of their pre-pregnancy body.

Television Star Irene Major Shows Off Postpartum Body

Most women suffer from the postpartum body after their first child. Fortunately, that is not the case for celebrity mother of eight Irene Major. For most women, it takes a couple of months, rigorous exercises and extreme dieting to gain their body back. Last week, Irene shared a photo on her Instagram, showing off her perfect body and toned abs only 12 weeks after birthing her 8th child.

Celebrity Postpartum Body
Queen of Ingress Irene Major poses in a vintage Chanel monochrome boots photographed by Veronika Marx

We love the sexy photo of Irene Major because it helps inspire postpartum mamas that they can get their body back. The fearless celebrity posted the picture of her wearing a white maternity bra paired with a high-waist cutout bikini bottom. She finished off her sexy look with a vintage Chanel monochrome over-the-knee-boots with button details.

Irene oozed major pop-star vibes for the modern mother of eight.

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