Lucie Memba's Iconic Birthday

Lucie Memba has “embraced” turning 33 like a fashion pro. The Cameroonian actress celebrated the milestone today feeling “thankful” as she wrote ‘Merci mon Dieu’ as she begins a new chapter in her life. Fact: You can never think of an iconic birthday look without having Lucie Memba’s white dresses come to mind.

Lucie Memba’s Iconic Birthday Look

She wrote: ” Having the breath of life remains a real Grace!!! One more year today. Thank you, my God.”

Like we know, Lucie cannot celebrate with her close friends and family because of the coronavirus restrictions. However, she can celebrate with her fans across social media, and she did it in the most stylish way possible. Memba marks her birthday wearing an iconic hairstyle fit for a celebrity her calibre. The reason for her instant transformation? The short bob Orange wig. The angles are spot on, simple but effective with precision and attention to details. Again, the fiery orange colour wig beautifully works with the smooth and clean over-the-knee white lace dress.

 Iconic Birthday looks
Iconic Birthday looks
Lucie Memba's Iconic Birthday

White Birthday Outfit Ideas

Here we have two stylish white outfit ideas, styled by one stunning birthday girl. We love how Lucie shows off her sassy and bougie personalities in two different white outfits. From a classy lace bodycon dress featuring a high neck and dreamy white lace design with feather details. By the same token, Lucie wore a sexy see-through long white floral lace dress with matching white dangling floral earrings.

Which of Memba’s birthday outfit is your ultimate style goal?


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