Got a date, Bonang Matheba has the perfect sexy lace lingerie collection available in Woolworth South Africa for you.

We all know Bonang is one sexy diva and spares no details when it comes to showing off her body. Therefore, it is only fitting that she owns a women’s lingerie line. Trust Bonang to pull all the stops with her lingerie collection! The amazing thing is there is something for every woman in the collection. Indeed, no matter your body shape or your modesty level, there is lingerie for every occasion.

Colorful Lingerie

First, you have colored lingerie. Designed with lace and embroidery details, these are capable of bringing out the vixen in any woman. Unfortunately, we are way past Valentine’s day. However, whoever said Valentine’s day has to be only on February 14th? Certainly, there is always a reason to celebrate love. From wedding anniversaries to hubby’s birthday, to your birthday to self-love, or just because. Heck! you can always wear lingerie spontaneously and feel sexy.

Modest and Plus-Size-Lingerie

Even our modest sisters can find something in Bonang’s lingerie collection. Clearly, for Bonang, modesty doesn’t mean the loss of sex appeal. Bonang skillfully and tastefully blends in some lace even in her modest pieces to ensure that sexuality remains central. In fact, these options would equally work well for the plus-size woman who might be body conscious as well.

Bridal Lingerie Collection

Finally, who can ever have a lingerie line without an option for brides? With Bonang’s lingerie, the dainty, shy and timid bride is a set to become a femme fatale on her wedding night! Ultimately, while Bonang’s designs cater to all body types, they still embody so much allure and pizzazz.

Here are seven times Bonang flashed her skin in all its glory, wearing only lingerie from her lingerie line.

Perfect bridal lingerie
Perfect bridal lingerie

Bridal Lingerie
Bridal Lingerie


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