#cwt Cooking with Terese Fish Spice Mix

Cooking with Terese Fish Spice Mix

Great news for all Poisson braiser lovers. Cooking with Terese (CWT) Launches Organic Fish Spice Mix.

Chef Tee has done it again. It has been a dream turned reality for Chef Tee. CWT has finally launched an Organic Spices line known as Tee’s Taste™. The first in the series is the organic fish spice mix “Fish Smix”.

Fish Smix is an intense blend of natural dry African spices for you to mix with specific fresh ingredients. This brings the Wow effect to your table. According to the brand, each jar of Tee’s Taste™ organic fish spice mix comes with simple instructions. 

“For years, I have wanted to put together organic spice mixes that could be preserved naturally without artificial enhancers or preservatives. Thereby maintaining their natural aroma for long periods of time. After testing a series of natural spice blends, I finally found a winning formula that will knock you off your feet.” says Tee.

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#cwt Cooking with Terese Fish Spice Mix #cwt Cooking with Terese Fish Spice Mix

“I am super excited that my CWT family finally gets to make their own tasty grilled fish using the very same spices I use in my home, now available for purchase for $14.99 plus shipping, while supplies last.

To my fantastic intercontinental #TeamCWT and many other individuals who provided me with valued feedback and assistance throughout the production process, I am extremely grateful that you helped transform this dream into reality.”

Yes, we did it! Thank you! Thank you Thank you!❤

Order via $Cash App# (832)982-8007 or shop more spices (Here)


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