EH-CO Foods

Feeling peckish anyone? Cameroon’s favourite food label is back again with a brand new product. Etinde House Company Eh-Co Foods brings you a quintessentially Cameroonian street snack CocoSweets. The latest addition to the brands growing list of Cameroonian delights.

Etinde House Company Eh-Co Foods prides itself the world over for their unique extra hot chilli oil recipes. The brands extra hot chilli oil brings a uniquely delicious taste and flavour to everything it garnishes.

Etinde House Company Eh-Co Foods Presents CocoSweet; A luxuryhandcrafted, candied coconut snack

However, this time, Eh-Co foods are inviting you all to lose yourselves in an exotic trip of indulgence to Bakingili. Famous for its coconut lined beaches along the Coast of Southern Cameroon. CocoSweet is the latest food product from the fast-growing Cameroon food brand in addition to its different flavours of chilli oil.

Snack With Intention

According to the product information shared on the brand’s website, CocoSweet is free from preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Hence, you can indulge with ease of mind. Surprisingly, a pack of CocoSweets will only cost you £2.79, but guaranteed to taste luxurious with its blissfully delicious crunch. A massive bargain isn’t it?

EH-CO Foods

Lastly, snacking is meant to be enjoyable as well as a nourishing experience. When considering a healthy and enjoyable snack, consider trying this candied coconut snack and let us know what you think about the flavours.


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