Amal Fashanu handbags

About three weeks ago, I attended the Lux Afrique Polo Day event in Richmond, London where I had the opportunity to network with many influential black entrepreneurs. Amal Fashanu was introduced to me and immediately we stroke a bond and laughed a lot and talked about everything and anything.

Amal Fashanu mini bags

Amal’s instant unmistakable energy quickly drew me to her and it was almost certain we were on the same frequency. Correspondingly, we both wanted to know more about each other and got chatting about everything. She then quickly showed me the bag she was wearing with her Yellow Kente outfit and said, “I’ll give you one of these babes”. As always, I said, “I’ll promote your work”. Because I love to see young black women making a difference and doing something worthy for themselves and the culture. It has become second nature to act as a liaison between brands and new audiences.

Amal Fashanu handbags

Amal Fashanu Blacked Out Edition Mini Handbag

The day after the Lux Afrique Polo event, we got talking on WhatsApp where the beautiful designer sent me a couple of images. I wanted to know exactly what I was ordering for my mother, sister and myself. Later that evening, Amal came over with a selection of her bags so I could see them. To be honest, I was not moved. Not because the bags are not stylish and of good quality leather, but probably because she didn’t have what we wanted.

Anyways, the following day, after going back and forth on WhatsApp, I had settled for two of the Blacked Out Edition Mini as my mom had opted for the same colour as me. Bear in mind the bag comes in Tangerine, Silver and Gold Metise Mini bags each piece costing £399 each. Different from my mom and myself, my sister opted for the Gold Metise Mini in gold and black.

Selecting the Right Handbag Based On Personal Style

Amal Fashanu mini bags

Given that we had settled for colours and Amal confirmed that she had those colour and will deliver the bags once she received payment. Later that day, £1200 was credited into Amal’s account. In order that the bag got to my mom and sister in great conditions, I insisted that it should be packaged securely as if it was done online. I am not exactly into logos and big prices. I love a classy minimalist handbag that is versatile. Therefore, when splurging £1200 on three pieces of bags, I would expect the bags to be delivered in much better packaging than I received them. You would agree with me that, when investing in a high-quality product, it should come wrapped tastefully. I find the lack of ornateness very off-putting as it shows the client has not been valued.

Amal Fashanu mini bags

Despite the poor packaging, there is something beautiful and special about the bag itself. If you love a great leather bag, then the Blacked Out Edition Metise Mini bag is designed with you in mind. According to the brand, the bags are made in Spain using both Calf and embossed leather. The front of the bag has the smooth buttery leather while the back has the hard leather in a crocodile-like print.

Black Mini handbag
Blacked Out Edition Metise Mini

Cara Delevingne And Rita Ora Endorses Amal Fashanu Handbags

Amal Fashanu’s approach to her bags has been minimalistic. The bag’s petit in size. So very little, in fact, only essentials can fit into the 9 cm depth and 22 cm width space. Inside the bag, there are two pocket departments with zip details. In the hope that this bag can be styled from day to evening, there’s a detachable shoulder strap that goes from handbag to crossbody bag. Finishing details include suede lining, a front flap fastening and a rigid cylindrical leather handles.

Black Mini handbag

Interestingly, celebs including Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora have been spotted with the Amal Fashanu bags. Lifestyle magazines like Marie Claire and the Kensington and Chelsea Magazine have featured the Metise Mini bags.

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