Cameroonian artist Tzy Panchak looks unapologetically pretty in a baby pink blazer by Lima T Jasino

Tzy Panchak Styled by Lima T Jasino

Cameroonian artist Tzy Panchak styled by Lima T Jasino

Cameroonian Urban artist Tzy Panchak looks pretty in Pink. The artist is rocking a baby pink blazer by menswear designer Lima T Jasino. Bear in mind it is not the first time we have seen Tzy decked in a suit by the brand. Remember in July of 2018, Jasino shared a picture of Tzy Panchak in one of his custom jacquard floral single-breasted suits.

Tzy Panchak styled by Lima T Jasino

Tzy looks completely hot and unbothered even though he has recently gotten himself into hot waters for defending Stanley Enow against Jovi’s Twitter rants. While we think Tzy is very much entitled to defend whoever he wants as we believe in free speech. On the other hand, some fans think he is not yet at the level where he can give his opinion on matters concerning established artist.

As far as we are concerned, Tzy is a sweetheart building his career, always wearing a smile as beautiful as his outfits. And we think he totally nailed this look also considering it coincides with our pink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness.
Cameroonian artist Tzy Panchak styled by Lima T Jasino

We are digging Tzy’s style and hope you heart♥ it too. Use the comment section below and share your best musical piece by the artist. Just so you know, Tzy will be performing live in Birmingham UK on Saturday 10th November so grab your tickets.


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