Hey guys and girls, it’s been a little while I have done a review of restaurants to visit in London. I always aim to recommend some of my favourite London restaurants to eat in with friends and family. Given that, yesterday Friday, Cynthia Tabe and I had a dinner date at the prestigious Aqua Nueva just off Oxford street. This was to catch up and discuss everything in between.  Cynthia set up our girlie rendezvous at one of London’s most popular restaurant for work parties, corporate dinners, dates, and birthday parties.

Our spot was the Aqua Nueva known as one of London’s best cocktails bar. If you are a tapas lover looking for adventure, fun, glamour and excellent food, then number 30 Aqua Nueva 5th floor situated just opposite The Palladium in Argyll street off Oxford Circus is the place go to. 

The Restaurants Menu

Our dinner table was booked for 18:00 but we got to finally sit down around 18:30. The staff were warm and welcoming from reception to the waiter. It took us about an hour before we decided on what we were going to eat. We had both decided to go for the 3 courses and a cocktail at £29 a head menu. For starters, we both ordered the Croquetas de jamón Iberico. Basically, a very rich starter made of Jamón. Jamón is as Spanish as Bake beans are to the English. Made of bread crumbs, eggs, minced shrimps, chopped chorizo and cheese.

The restaurant serves six little pieces per customer on a beautiful faux black marble plate.  For the mains, Cynthia ordered the grilled secrets, prawns, garlic toast. I went for the short rib of beef, padrones, potatoes, chimichurri. In true friendship style, the idea was to share and taste both dishes. Cynthia was done eating before I even started eating LOL that sounds funny but goes to say how tasteful the food was. Also, we had the manager checking up on us every five minutes which made the visit extra special and extremely welcoming.  Top LONDON RESTAURANTS 2019 Editor of Mammypi Fashion Blog Cameroonian PR Guru Cynthia Tabe Cameroonian PR Guru Cynthia Tabe Cameroonian PR Guru Cynthia Tabe at Aqua Nueva Editor at Mammypi at Aqua Nueva Restaurant Management of Aqua Nueva London Restaurants Cynthia Tabe Aqua Nueva London Restaurants Cynthia Tabe Aqua Nueva London Restaurants Cynthia Tabe Aqua Nueva Restaurant

Menu Aqua Nueva London RestaurantsLONDON RESTAURANTS

After enjoying the rich dinner in the company of the restaurants’ manager who made sure we felt at home and made our dinner and enjoyable experience, it was time for us to order dessert. Cynthia ordered the seasonal selection of sorbets and was served three scopes or Mango sorbets in a cocktail shape glass. I went for the homemade Orange blossom churros, bitter chocolate almonds, with bergamot essence. As much as I loved the look of Cynthia’s colour sorbet, I would highly recommend the churros for anyone visiting the Aqua Nueva restaurant. The chocolate sauce is not only warm and rich, but the churros were the real topping on the cake to finish off a perfect dinner.

The only downside to our dinner was the cocktail. Since this was a set launch, we only had the option of one type of cocktail which is not really idle for someone who maybe does not like gin. It was a revised mojito cocktail which in my opinion was not the best cocktail I have had from Aqua. First time I visit the Aqua Kyoto main cocktail bar, it was such a memorable experience as I could fully appreciate the rich flavours of premium blends.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to those looking for a perfect hangout place in London. The atmosphere is extremely lively, the room is spacious, the staff very professional and lovely, the decor contemporary and the food is such a dining experience worth trying out. 

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