House of Clara

Within the fashion industry, especially the black fashion industry, there’s a massive wealth of talented black designers. It’s a shame, many of which have not had the spotlight they rightfully deserve probably because of their race or maybe just a case of time. As a reputable fashion business, we dedicate our time to better raising the profile of these black businesses. Furthermore, we aim at showcasing their exceptional work, creativity and passion starting right here with Cameroon label House of Clara. With everyone spending more time at home due to the lockdown, we are seeing more sportswear and athleisure fashion.

Who is House of Clara?

According to the brand, House of Clara first came to the fashion scene back in 2018. Their aim; to provide both men and women high-quality luxury clothing at budget-friendly prices. In case you missed that, high-quality luxury clothing at budget-friendly prices. If their goal does not steal your heart in a market saturated with copies and low-quality clothing, then we don’t know what will.

House of Clara
House of Clara
House of Clara

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Speaking to the Creative Director of the black clothing label, she emphasizes that, the brands’ mission is to “Empower people through fashion.” She goes on to say, “we want everyone to feel unique in each outfit. The uniqueness and quality of our designs are second to none.”

For one thing, the brand boasts excellent reviews on their Facebook page @houseofclara and their Instagram page @houseofclaraltd. Without a doubt, the customer base is in love with the quality and uniqueness of the designs and have made it their duty to recommend HOC to family and friends. House of Clara offers tennis-inspired outfits; cool athleisure wears perfect for that Instagram post.

As a seasoned fashionista, you can style the luxurious cotton pieces however you like it. Dress them up or down with sneakers, heels or booties for women. On the other hand, men can style the tracksuits with a pair of sneakers or flip flops depending on how casual they want to take their style. HOC is definitely one of our big new names on the block and proudly Cameroon.



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