Black Owned Clothing Brands UK

Hello my lovely African fashion lovers, over the past weeks, since the horrific death of George Floyd, we have seen a new change towards attitudes around black-owned clothing brands. Several demonstrations have taken place across cities within the United States and around the world. As you already know, this is to protest police brutality and the systemic racism which exists on a global scale.

Black Owned Clothing Brands

As a result, the world seems to have finally woken up the brutal realities faced by black people every day. Due to all these, some multinationals, public figures and businesses have joined forces with Black people to change the narrative. A lot more people are now vowing to participate in the fight for equality and committing to being anti-racist.

Black Owned Clothing Brands UK
Black Owned Clothing Brands UK
Black Owned Clothing Brands UK

Here at Mammypi HQ, our mission from the get-go has always been to highlight black-owned brands. Important to realize, not just Cameroon brands but black businesses from around the world. With these in mind, our mission is to promote and create visibility for black-owned fashion brands. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to TemAD.

Ankara Fashion Brand TemAD

TemAD is a London based Nigerian clothing brand. The brand endeavours to capture every woman’s character by mixing West African print with the impeccable sense of European dressing. The brand focuses on creating garments to make women of different sizes and colour beautiful. TemAD is fluid and sophisticated with an exploration of the texture and the image of Africa. The brand uses print and colours incorporated with a feminine and modern silhouette. TemAD aims to keep women “Elegant with an African twist” with both our ready to wear and made to measure outfits.

If you came here because you are searching for the latest African dresses, blouses and blazers for women, by all means, check out TemAD. In case you are one of our existing readers and came for your daily dose of Ankara styles, we hope you love these pieces by TemAD.




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