BlueCrest School of Fashion and design

Cameroonian fashion designer Sulet Nkafu officially graduates from BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design. BlueCrest stands as one of Ghana’s leading school of fashion located in Accra.

BlueCrest Fashion School graduate Nkafu Sulet of Afrik Fashion Trend proudly dedicates her graduation collection to her country Cameroon. The 20 something Cameroonian contemporary designer just graduated from Ghana’s leading college for Fashion and Design. Sulet has now joined the ranks of professional designers in the industry.

The graduation collection called GLAMOROON tailored around the beauty and diversity if Cameroon as a nation. Given that the political instability has led to mass murder and division, Afrik Fashion Trend dedicates Glamoroon to Cameroon.

Glamoroon plucks inspiration from horn shapes, cowries which are mostly worn by traditional Cameroonian royalties. Notably, the main fabric colour for this collection’s black. Afrik Fashion Trend models are seen in Black Bridal Toghu dresses. Also, the designer showcases outfits for grooms called ‘Black Bridal‘ that mourns the fallen Cameroonians.

BlueCrest School Of Fashion And Design

Equally important, the designer uses cow tail fly swatter mostly carried by fons and chiefs in Cameroonian villages. The Toghu bridal dresses have thigh-high slits with cowries stitched on the waistline and different parts of the bridal dresses.

Of course, Graduating from fashion school as a Cameroonian speaks as a massive achievement. In a country where many believe in taking short cuts to success steps like this must be recognised. Most importantly, the collection speaks directly to the countries politicians using thought-provoking symbols audaciously demanding for peace.

Over the years, the fascinating and luxuriant appeal of the Toghu print has been used as matric to unify Cameroon. Not only does Afrik Fashion Trend dedicate her most important fashion collection to the Anglophone victims, but also every Cameroonian that has been affected by war.

Finally, these beautifully embroidered Toghu dresses will make the perfect wedding dresses for an African bride or an interracial bride.

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