Toghu Mulberry Silk Scarf

Since launching the Ndia Mangye Toghu Mulberry Silk scarves collection, fashionable women worldwide show us how they wear their Toghu square scarves. From a simple drape on their designer handbags to the pretzel style. The new Toghu scarf line inspired by the historic Toghu patterns consist of the Therese, Frida and Maria scarves in 100% Mulberry silk.

How to Tie A Mulberry Silk Square Scarf  

As you know, I love luxury, therefore designing an affordable luxury fashion product was only a matter of time. Not only do I love creating these beautiful square scarves, but the icing on the cake’s seeing friends, family, and customers also share photographs of how they wear their Toghu silk scarf.

I cannot fully put into words the feeling of seeing how creative each person gets with how they wear their scarf. For this reason, I thought it would be fun to share how some stylish women are wearing their Toghu Mulberry silk scarf.

The Large Side Knot

Mulberry Silk Scarf
Philo Tembunde gives freely a must-see styling hack of 2021

Philo’s wearing the Therese Toghu silk scarf in a large side knot. We love how the scarf jazzes up her plain black dress and compliments her deep red lipstick. This tie can complement just about any outfit. Style it as a bag drape in the hair, on the wrist, and don’t forget to throw on a pair of oversize glasses like Philo for an Avant-garde look.

Without a doubt, silk signals sophistication and the seduction of our senses.


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