celebrity photographer Nji Asonganyi

The world of show business is so fast pace we have to keep up with the show the business simultaneously.  For instance, Daphne Njie, Nji Asonganyi and Anyi Asonganyi worked on a photo concept which we have to share with you for the showbiz.  As usual, because Mammypi loves the portrait, the vibrant colours, makeup curated by the trio, we decided to share.

When she isn’t on a stage in Europe or Cameroon twerking and flaunting her beautiful figure, Daphne is busy being a fashionista. Arguably, the rainbow colours could pass for a Pride outfit considering Pride month has just recently concluded in Europe.  The Calee singer shared the rainbow popping portrait shot by renowned Cameroonian photographer Nji Asonganyi on her Instagram. In the portrait, she tops off the look wearing a classic pink beret and a rainbow faux fur coat. Her makeup is kept minimal with only a purple lipstick blending evenly into the purple shade on the fur coat.

Daphne Njie Shares New Portrait Shot By Nji Asonganyi

Styling and makeup are the work of serial entrepreneur Anyi Asonganyi who also double as sister to the photographer. The Jusqua La Gare singer looks sensational in the new studio photograph.

celebrity photographer Nji Asonganyi

Lastly, we agree, Nji is not only a photographer but a visual artist. However, we want to know what you think?


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