Colourful Cameroon Fashion Toghu accessories

With every country and its people trying to promote their style and cultural pieces, these Cameroonian women are flying high the flag of Cameroon. Stepping out of their normal western stonewash jeans and little black dress, we take a look at Toghu accessories.

How To Style Your Toghu Accessories

These women are proud of their cultural heritage and want the world to know who they are and where they are from. We love the vibrant traditional Toghu caps for women, bold and colourful Toghu print head wraps. Of course, EB Kreations Toghu wedding fascinator.
Take a look at some of our ethnic fashionistas and their style. I hope you draw some inspiration. You too can be tribal chic and wow!!!

Colourful Cameroon Fashion Toghu accessories
Model pairs her chunky African beads with a bold and colourful traditional women’s hat
Colourful Cameroon Fashion Toghu accessories
Tancho Zinky in a traditional Toghu print hat
Colourful Cameroon Fashion Toghu accessories
Actress Stephanie Tum sizzles in a bold and vibrant Toghu wax head wrap
Colourful Cameroon Fashion Yefon Mainsah
Yefon Mainsah reps the culture in a stunning Toghu portrait
Colourful Cameroon Fashion Dress
Dark colour African beads to accessorized a Toghu dress
Colourful Cameroon Cultural outfit
Ebangha Nkwanyuo in EB Kreations Toghu inspired jumpsuit
Colourful Cameroon Cultural outfit
Just like Stephanie, beauty pageant, Angele Kossinda takes on the ethnic vibe in a Toghu head wrap


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