And the winner is…Don Morphy!!!

Dallas Menswear Designer Daniel Mofor
Dallas Menswear Designer Daniel Mofor

If you have never heard of Cameroonian-born Dallas menswear designer, Don Morphy, then relax and enjoy this read. If you have, then you are in for a treat because Don Morphy is creating waves in the fashion world. Don Morphy, has been nominated for the Rising Star award organized by Fashion Group International (“FGI”) in the menswear category. The Awards ceremony is scheduled for today, January 24, at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York.

The FGI Rising Star Awards 2019: Menswear Category

Significantly, this year marks the 22nd edition of the FGI Rising Star awards organized in New York every year. The Awards specifically celebrates the “extraordinary accomplishments of emerging talents whose creativity and vision” are realized in various fashion categories. Categories include accessories, beauty/fragrance entrepreneur, fine jewellery, home furnishings/product innovation, menswear, retail, and womenswear. Don Morphy is nominated in the menswear category alongside 20-year old Nigerian designer, Taofeek Abijako. This will certainly be an interesting match-up but you all know at Mammypi, we are rooting for Don Morphy.

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Daniel Mofor of Don Morphy Dallas Menswear Designer
Don Morphy

Dallas Menswear Designer: Don Morphy’s Style

So why all this rave about Don Morphy? Like the meaning of “Don”, which is “the boss” or known as “the best of” something, “Don” in Don Morphy, represents the best in style. In fact, he describes his style as “The past. And the future. With a pop of color.” Certainly, this is apt as his designs mostly feature thick pinstripes and double-breasted coats reminiscent of the ’30s and ’40s. However, Don Morphy usually adds a pop of color with accessories such as a cigar, hat or sunshades. Definitely, his label is classic, colorful, sophisticated and suave.

Remarkably, Daniel has been featured in many prominent magazines from GQ, to Esquire, and Vogue. What remains unquestionable is the fact that his label boasts high-quality items. Designed in the US but artfully handcrafted from the best Italian fabrics in Italy, his apparel, shoes, and accessories, are hands-down unique.

Daniel Mofor: In his own words

Following his nomination, Daniel Mofor was asked to share his thoughts. “It is a great honor and a dream come true to be nominated for an FGI Rising Star Award,” he said. “I already feel like a winner and see that passion and hard work is definitely paying off. This award has honoured those who have been in business long before me, and I hope that it will not only boost the morale of my business but also make Don Morphy a household name.” This nomination comes in the wake of Mofor being recognized by FGI of Dallas. Consecutively in 2018 and 2019, Mofor was a “Rising Star” nominee in Men’s Fashion. He was also recognized as one of Dallas’ top 6 designers to watch for 2018.

Don Morphy’s Unparalleled Work Ethic

If you have been dressed by or have worked with Don Morphy, you know that his work ethic is unparalleled. In 2017, he quit his full-time job as a computer engineer at Walmart’s Arkansas headquarters. He then moved to Dallas, TX to focus all of his attention on his passion project: Don Morphy Privé Clothiers. With this intention, he started his line of custom suits that come with all the trimmings you can possibly desire or imagine. As a result, the brand has gained popularity as a celebrity favourite to the stars. Celebs like Bebe Winans, Bishop T.D. Jakes, supermodel Tyra Banks, and basketballers like Tyson Chandler and Dwight Howard, have rocked Don Morphy designs.

In fact, according to Dwight Howard, “I have a stylist, J. Bolin, and he works with a manufacturer called Don Morphy. We sit down and go over the styles. I choose the lining, the material, the colors. It’s like a day’s worth of working on these suits.” Clearly, Don Morphy is very detail oriented and customer-centric. He sits down with every customer and ensures that their every desire is included in their design.

I know some of you will now be thinking that Don Morphy is way out of your league. Definitely not. By no means should this deter you from trying out items from the label for yourself. In fact, if you are specifically an individual with a flair for top-notch designer ensembles, then Don Morphy is absolutely for you. On that note, his studio is located on Stemmons Freeway in Dallas Texas. Call or schedule an appointment and go get your own custom-made Don Morphy apparel. You will be glad you did.

Tommy Hilfiger: Keynote Speaker for FGI Rising Stars Awards

Now back to the FGI Rising Star Awards. It is going to be no easy feat. Notably, Hilldun Corporation, Hearst Magazines, and Tory Burch are sponsoring this year’s Awards. The great Tommy Hilfiger is scheduled to be the Keynote speaker and Haitian-American fashion designer and founder of Pyer Moss, Kerby Jean-Raymond, will present the award to the menswear winner.

Kerby Jean-Raymond may not be a well-known name in our African circles but is an enigmatic name in the African American fashion world. Kerby first came into the spotlight for his presentation of Pyer Moss’ spring 2016 Menswear Collection during New York Fashion Week. The show highlighted police brutality, referencing the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement through the use of video, street art, and fashion. Likewise, Kerby won the FGI Rising Star Award for the menswear category in 2014. Definitely, receiving the Rising Star Award from a designer like Kerby Jean-Raymond will be the icing on the cake.

We are rooting for you, Daniel!

This nomination is not only a first for Daniel Mofor but will equally mark the first ever appearance for a Dallas menswear brand in the menswear category. Clearly, Daniel is not only doing Cameroon proud but Dallas, TX proud as well. We are rooting for you, Daniel. Go bring back the gold!

Dallas Menswear
FGI Rising Star Awards Nominees

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