40th Birthday Ankara Head Scarf Inspiration

Headscarves are common in most African cultures and the Ankara headscarf specifically is becoming a staple in every African woman’s closet. Actually, headscarves are so common that they are called different names in different countries. Duku (Ghana), gele (Nigeria), lafai (Chad), enkeycha (Sierra Leone), kilemba (East Africa), hijaab (most Muslim countries), doek (South Africa) etc.

The Headscarf is Staging a comeback 

If you haven’t noticed, traditional African fashion is taking over the fashion world by storm. As a result, Africans all over the world are rocking authentic African pieces every day. The headscarf is one such heritage piece that is staging a comeback. Funny enough, the headscarf never really went out of style. It was simply worn in ways that weren’t fashionably appealing. For instance, most women wore headscarves to serve as baby carriers. Others wore them to assist in performing chores such as cleaning and cooking. Meanwhile, many more women used headscarves as a quick fix for a bad hair day.

The African Print Fashion Scarf

Today, however, headscarves are worn for both casual and special occasions. Indeed, the headscarf is so versatile that it can be used to transform a simple outfit into a dazzling ensemble. The Ankara headscarf, in particular, is trending especially because of its vibrant colors and patterns. In fact, most women wear Ankara headscarf as a statement piece.

Wakanda-inspired 40th birthday bash featuring headscarves

Our featured photos today are from a Wakanda-inspired 40th birthday bash. The birthday girl and her friends rocked Ankara wrappers. Tied around their chest for an authentic African traditional look, they oozed culture. African cowries, musanga, coral beads, and jigida beads served as the perfect accessories for the look.  Then, the intricate Ankara headscarves in blue and pink were, of course, the icing on the cake. Although the women are gorgeous and their makeup impeccable, the Ankara headscarf just takes the look to another level. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do.

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