Internally displaced persons

Cameroon has suffered a huge blow since the Anglophone crisis started towards the end of 2016 as we all know. As a result of the struggle that has affected Southern Cameroonians, there has been loss of life and devastating consequences. Despite calls for a peaceful resolution and end to the carnage, the war in Southern Cameroon is still ongoing. This has unfortunately led to a rise in the number of internally displaced persons. The ongoing violence has increasingly caused tens of thousands of people to flee their homes.

Southern Cameroon Internally Displaced Persons

Due to the instability that has affected people in the Southern Cameroons, a lot of people has been left jobless. With this in mind, LoR’Terr is opening its doors to train internally displaced persons (IDPs). The hair and beauty salon aim to train internally displaced persons free of charge for a period of three(3) months. Of course, this is a great opportunity to learn natural hair styling for free. LoR’Terr beauty is one of the top hair salons in Douala Cameroon.

In collaboration with the White House restaurant, we wish to get young girls out off the street. Freeing them from certain things like prostitution and societal abuses by engaging them in natural Hairstyling.

Because of the financial cost involved in this project, LoR’Terr is calling out for sponsorship to help these young girls. The hair and beauty salon will appreciate and welcome all those who wish to support IDPs during their training. That is to say, sponsorship can be either by covering travel cost, feeding or accommodation fees.

Southern Cameroon internally displaced persons

LoR’Terr encourages the general public to refer IDPs to them when possible. This initiative will hopefully help young girls get off the streets and also offer them a decent start to normality again. The number to call or WhatsApp is: 653 817 874


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