Toghu Print Clothing Styles

As we all know, the Toghu print clothing from Cameroon is taking over the African fashion scene.  Given that, the Toghu print is here to stay and not to mention, it’s not going away anytime soon.  With this in mind, you should all head over to our Pinterest Toghu Board. Help us and start repining all the Toghu print clothing so we can get the culture viral. The latest buzz around the latest fashion clothes from Cameroon has been created by fashion brands like ShaSha Designs.  

Toghu Print Clothing By ShaSha New Designs

Cameroon Toghu Print Clothing

In case you don’t know who Sha Sha Designs maybe, now’s the time to click here and read more about the Bamenda based fashion designer. ShaSha’s been dropping a variation of the Toghu print recently and we can’t help but confess our love for the brand.  Whenever the brand releases a new Toghu collection, we go into a frenzy.  There are valid reasons. The Toghu has been modernised to include ready-to-wear pieces which help Cameroonian identify as people outside the country.

From the bright play of red and yellow to the mix of green and white seamlessly embroidered on a dark background, you cannot miss the Toghu print.  In her latest collection, the one-shoulder evening dress with Toghu patches totally caught our fashion eyes. Not only because it’s a Toghu dress, but because it’s party season and the dress will work for a high profile dinner as well as a red carpet event. Not forgetting this Toghu evening gown will totally work for a Cameroon traditional wedding ceremony.

Cameroon Toghu Print Clothing

One-Shoulder Toghu Evening Gown

Cameroon Toghu Print Clothing

Another reason why we love this Cameroon cultural evening dress is because of the precision in the cut and finishes. Usually, we have condemned Cameroonian designers for not paying attention to the fine details. Consequently, some brands like Sha Sha Designs have taken that away and implemented to the last T!

Cameroon Cultural clothing

Important to realise, other brands responsible for making the Toghu fabric popular include EB-Kreations, AfricStyle Fashion amongst many other Cameroon fashion brands.

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