It’s official! The long-awaited debut of the soon-to-be revered Mammypi FashionTV is here!

Surely, I’m not the only one who’s been gagging for it & now wonders what took Mammypi FashionTV so long to launch. I’ll ask the question again, louder this time for those at the back… what took Mammypi FashionTV so long to launch? The eighth wonder that it is, I’m sure you’d agree, better fashionably late than never. High-end events up and down the country, have had a gaping vacuum. One that’s begging to be filled ONLY by Mammypi FashionTV as boys and gals rocked up and rocked off the red carpet in their best garms. So, on the count of 3, let’s all heave a collective sigh of relief at being relieved of this protracted yet somewhat subliminal waiting game. 1, 2, 3….exhale.

Hilda Awambeng Launches Mammypi FashionTV

All in all, a modicum of forgiveness is in order. The timing of the launch was meaningful, poignant almost …. ExSSa UK 2019 “Elevate to Exceed” fundraising gala in Stratford-Upon-Avon is where the ribbon was cut. Meet Hilda Ngelo Awambeng. The brain behind Mammypi Fashion blog & you guessed it, Mammypi FashionTV. Ex-Sakerette…well elevated by her education at the famed Saker Baptist College. Now exceeding. Way beyond exceeding as she leverages the clout of her platforms to provoke thought and shape opinions. In all fairness, one cannot take away the choice of how and where another chooses to express honour. Awambeng chose to give pride of place to her alma mater by launching her brainchild at their annual event.

Mammypi FashionTV

Unquestionably, it couldn’t have been a more fitting occasion for the launch. The Ex-Sakerettes and their guests served oodles of superior fashion sense on the red carpet. Mammypi Fashion TV captured every detail with a distinctively savvy creative flair; one which put paid to any rumours regarding room for competition. Indeed, my pulse quickened with anticipation when I saw a stimulating snippet of what’s in store. Without a doubt, so would yours. My best advice…do your bit, the decent thing I dare say for the recognition of excellence & patronise this; for it’s worth your attention from every angle.



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