Nabil Fongod Knows Exactly How You Should Wear a Music Label T-Shirt

Nabil Fongod Styles Alpha Better Sweater

Nabil Fongod is the leading man in one of Cameroon’s biggest and most interactive radio stations, Nabstar Radio. But beyond his affluent on air persona, lies something even cooler: An epic sense of style.
At a recent fashion show in Malabo, Nabil fondly known as Nabstar debuted his modelling career. He was spotted walking for Ghanaian label ZandaAfriq Couture. Shortly after his runway show, the radio personality had another fashion stint for Cameroon Fashion brand JS Design “Dream Collection”.

Nabil Fongod Styles Alpha Better Sweater

Nabil’s runway is just as dope as his off duty looks. It is safe to say the singer, actor and model has raised the bar for stylish men in the Cameroon entertainment industry. In a social media post, the OAP shared a series of shots dressed in Alpha Better t-shirt, black Zara jeans and sneakers, and Versace sunglasses. Oh how easily he transitions from edgy to casual comfort. Now, that’s how you work your tee motif with your footwear for a very casual and cool look. What a great example for pairing and grabbing attention.
And we can’t forget his popping collection of t-shirts in a hurry. If you need more evidence of what I am trying to say, take a look at how effortless his style is below.

Nabil Fongod Possibly the best dressed man in music
Again, we can’t help but notice his epic grooming with a thunderbolt cut.

Nabil Fongod Possibly the best dressed man in music

Nabil Fongod Possibly the best dressed man in music
Nabstar in Zara Jeans and sneakers

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